Processing Plant of Corn Seed Răuțel” JSC, is the leader in local industry of producing hybrid corn seed. PPCS Răuţel accumulated massive experience and possesses a rich history in Moldova’s agricultural sector, starting with 1979.

PPCS Răuţel possesses a technologically advanced grain complex that provides quality services to farmers and other customers.

The product offered by PPCS Răuţel is corn seed used for growing corn. PPCS Răuţel offers a wide range of corn seeds, early corn hybrids, extra early, semi early and late for grain, with a special quality. Corn seeds quality is suitable for storage in grain storage bins, having an excellent potential for fodder, resistant and very productive, with a very good effect in the vegetation as well as high adaptability to all conditions.

We are offering the following seed types: Moldavschii 450MRf, Porumbeni 348MRf, Porumbeni 357MRf, Porumbeni 457AMRf, Porumbeni 458CRf – the latter being a new hybrid, qualifying as one of the best performing hybrids with high demand.

PPCS Răuţel provides various services. To access detailed information, please click here.